• 20. September 2023

    Wild boar medallions atop mushroom-fennel vegetables

    For the medallions 800 g wild boar fillet 1 tbsp oil 1 tbsp clarified butter 200 g bacon (sliced) Salt Pepper For the mushroom-fennel vegetables 1 large fennel bulb 200 g mushrooms (e.g. chanterelles, chestnuts, Porcini mushrooms or cauliflower mushroom) 1 onion 2 slices of bacon 1 clove of garlic […]

  • 30. August 2023

    Venison Salad

    For the Salad 1 tablespoon oil 400 g saddle of venison 2 large carrots 250 g green beans 200 g broccoli florets 2 spring onions 1 clove of garlic 10 g ginger 6 tbsp lemon juice 4 tbsp rapeseed oil 1 tsp sesame oil 1 tsp raw cane sugar Salt […]

  • Leckeres Stück vom "Wild-Spanferkel", umgeben von verschiedenen Gemüsesorten in einer Edelstahlschale
    21. July 2023

    Grilled Wild Boar

    You have to be prepared to spend a bit of time – grilling a wild freshling is a real event. And one that is well worth it: while the meat is browning, you can prepare the side dishes and look forward to the meal in good company. Ingredients For the […]

  • 19. July 2023

    The Namib Small Five

    On the Eastern boarder of the Namib desert, there is a jewel named Wilsonfontein where the hunter can live some exclusive experience in the middle of these 29 000 hectares of private arid land which is totally wild and open. After a first trip 4 years ago, we’ve decided to […]

  • 22. June 2023

    “Wild boars in the corn!”

    If I had to name one type of hunt that really excites me, I’d say: in summer grain. At night, observing the damaged areas in the milk-ripe wheat with a thermal camera, stalking the boars if they come to feast, and possibly taking one down – that’s incredibly appealing to […]

  • 19. June 2023

    Wild boar cutlet rolls

    Ingredients For the hummus 1 can chickpeas (drained weight 265 g) Juice of 1 lemon 1–2 garlic cloves ½ tsp. salt 120 g creamy, pourable tahini 100 ml water (ice cold!) 1–2 tbs. olive oil ½ tsp ground cumin ½ tsp rose paprika For the cutlets 400 g wild boar […]

  • 1. June 2023

    Hunting red deer in the French Pyrenees

    If you were to ask me which place has particularly fascinated me on my many travels over the years, I would immediately say: the French Pyrenees. From a hunting perspective, the remote valleys and peaks of this mountain range, which separates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe, are […]

  • 19. May 2023

    Poached saddle of venison with vegetables and chickweed

    Ingredients For the meat 800 g saddle of venison (off the bone) 250 ml dry white wine 125 ml Noilly Prat 125 ml venison stock 2 bay leaves 2 garlic cloves 1 tsp. peppercorns 1 tsp. salt 4 allspice grains 1 cinnamon stick 3 cloves 1 handful of deadnettle (Lamium) […]

  • 11. May 2023

    Hunter´s luck in the Highlands

    Two long years lie behind us, my husband Oliver and me – years of impatience and yearning to finally be able to hunt in Scotland again. Now we are in the high north of Scotland, one and a half hours beyond Inverness. It’s a long journey from Germany for just […]

  • 4. May 2023

    The “Borders Effect”

    As March draws to a close, winter slowly dies. We are in the Scottish Borders, not far from the banks of the Tweed River, which forms a natural border between Scotland and England. Here, we will finish the Scottish hunting season, right before starting the next one. In Scotland, roe […]

  • 25. April 2023

    Goutweed ravioli filled with game

    Ingredients For the pasta dough 250 g pasta flour 100 g durum wheat semolina 3 eggs 1 pinch of salt For the filling 300 g game meat, ground 20 g walnuts 1 tbsp. olive oil 2 eggs 1 clove garlic 1–2 tbsp. cream 1 tbsp. breadcrumbs 2 tbsp. fresh goutweed […]

  • 13. April 2023

    Ancient collective hunt today

    It is the end of the hunting season. Winter days are combined with a few scattered spring warmer ones. I am driving towards Zaragoza, which is one of the coldest cities in Spain. It sits below the Pyrenees and even if it gets really hot in summer, winters get icy […]

  • Wildburger mit frischem Quark von der Knoblauchsrauke
    23. March 2023

    Wild boar burger with fresh herbed quark

    Ingredients For the meat 600 g ground wild boar meat (approx. 20% fat content) 1 tbsp. tomato paste ½ tsp. coriander seeds ½ tsp. mustard seeds 1 small onion Salt Pepper 3 tbsp. olive oil For the buns 4 tbsp. milk ½ cube fresh yeast 15 g sugar ½ tsp. […]

  • Die Sonne steht schon sehr tief – die Sau wird versorgt und geborgen.
    14. March 2023

    The Adriatic wild boars of Croatia

    Three years ago, during a winter driven hunt in Kutina, Croatia, I met Marijan Balaško, the chairman of the local hunting club. The following autumn, we met there again on the occasion of another driven hunt. As always and everywhere in Croatia, guests are warmly welcomed and, if language is […]

  • Ein Meer aus Brennnesseln bietet Deckung.
    3. March 2023

    Old and new acquaintances

    Early summer flew by and, towards the end of July, a few blisteringly hot, very humid days followed. A promising start to the approaching rutting season, and I was looking forward to it. For me, rut hunting is always a very special highlight of the hunting year. If I am […]

  • Gefüllter Wildschweinrücken mit Wintergemüse
    16. February 2023

    Stuffed saddle of wild boar with winter vegetables

    Ingredients For the meat 800 g saddle of wild boar (off the bone) 250 g Italian boiled ham 1 small onion 2 cloves of garlic ½ bunch parsley 2 sprigs of marjoram 2 sprigs of thyme 2 sprigs of rosemary 2 sprigs of sage 1 tbsp. mustard 100 g breadcrumbs […]

  • Die Pirsch führt uns stetig an der Baumgrenze entlang.
    15. February 2023

    In the land of red cliffs

    If I had to name one type of hunt that especially appeals to me, it would be hunting chamois in the mountains. Rarely are one’s hunting skills and physical abilities challenged as much as by hunting this fascinating game species. It is not only a matter of personal fitness and […]

  • 8. February 2023

    ¡Viva la montería!

    In Spain, it’s as important as driven hunts are in France – it’s an institution. Let’s set out to discover the montería, a form of hunting that also earns a lot of criticism… not least due to ignorance. On the Iberian Peninsula, the hunting season for large game ends on […]

  • 11. January 2023

    Reverse-seared venison steak

    Ingredients For the steaks 4 venison steaks (cut into T-bone steaks) 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary 4 tablespoons mixed herbs (rosmary, thyme, oregano and parsely) Salt Pepper Olive oil For the vegetable 4 Belgian endives 6 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, […]

  • 13. December 2022

    Small and splendid – The new Leica Geovid Pro 8×32 after 6 months of use

    Since April 2022, the smallest binoculars with rangefinder have been available from the expert engineers in Wetzlar. This glass accompanied me for a good six months through Africa and the autumnal forests of Europe. Now, I’d like to share my experiences… For over ten years, the Leica Geovid 8×42 accompanied […]

  • 30. November 2022

    Game meat – the sustainable ambassador for hunting

    A healthy choice for people and nature: Game meat is a first-class food that tastes delicious, contains little fat, and is kind to the environment. To date, however, even hunters have made too little use of this natural resource, although conscious nutrition remains a strong trend. That’s why Leica Sport […]

  • 14. October 2022

    A time of need

    The topic of climate change is more present than ever. No wonder, since the current heat seems relentless. For some years now, there has been talk of “forest conversion”. The goal is to move away from spruce monocultures to a climate-stable mixed forest. Forest fires have been keeping us busy […]

  • 12. October 2022

    Ethical hunting at night

    I am someone who doesn’t want to compromise, so I need reliable, all-round, compatible gear. Especially in my hunting equipment, I value dependability, intuitive operation, and rugged, high-quality workmanship. I don’t want to cut any corners. So, when choosing my hunting optics, their seamless use during day, twilight, and night […]

  • 7. June 2022

    I love hunting in the remotest areas of Spain

    I guess it feels somehow wilder to be far apart from civilization. Today I am going to share with you one the most emotional hunting experiences I have lived through. Let’s set the scene: The action takes place in a small village located in an area which is called “the […]

  • 1. June 2022

    Bulgarian Bucks

    In the heart of the Balkans there are not only wildboars, you can hunt for another gem: Bulgarian bucks. We were ready for a crammed weekend of action and emotion. A last minute cancellation at hand, the decision to go had to be made very quickly. “It’s yes or no, […]

  • 2. May 2022

    Season’s end in Vallée d’Aure

    In one of the last great nature reserves in France, hunting unfurls its whole potential. The Pyrenees and their game are definitely worth a trip. The French hunting season ends on the last day of February. This prompted us to travel to the Bareilles mountain range – a sublime but […]

  • 22. March 2022

    Leica Sport Optics: A brief History of Binoculars

    Leica rangefinding celebrates 30 years – from pioneer to market leader When Optische Werke Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar launched its first binoculars in 1907, no one in the company, which had previously specialized in microscopes, thought that there might one day be special binoculars with electronic inner workings. Ernst Leitz […]

  • 21. February 2022

    The new Leica Geovid Pro 32 – Specialist for mountain hunting and hunting trips

    Do you frequently hunt in the mountains? Do you enjoy hunting trips, or are you more of a stalker? Do you appreciate reliable, precise, and multifunctional hunting optics? Did you answer yes at least once? Then you need to explore the new Leica Geovid Pro 32. Mit dem Laden des […]

  • 30. September 2021

    Las Palomas – French stalking in Spain

    Sometimes, life surprises us, and a childhood dream all of a sudden comes true. This is what happened to Pascal – originally from Bordeaux – who became a landowner in Andalusia, in the Sierra Morena, on the edge of Hornachuelos Nature Reserve. After leaving Madrid in heavy snow, we drive […]

  • 17. September 2021

    Leica Hunting Experience 2021/2022

    Launched eight years ago by hunting journalist Philippe Jaeger, the objective of the Leica Hunting Experience is clearly defined: to impart practical skills to “young” hunters over the course of a weekend. Anyone who has held a hunting license for less than three years is eligible to participate. Jaeger explains […]

  • 10. June 2021

    Sleepless nights in Alsace

    Hunting wild boar in the middle of the night, from a raised hide? It’s possible in Alsace. This hunting adventure demands close attention and sends a pleasant shiver down your spine when a dream becomes reality. It has been snowing continuously for two days. But the forecast is promising: Tonight […]

  • 12. May 2021

    The first of may

    Oliver Dorn, leaseholder of hunting grounds, keeps the buck hunt traditional. He, his wife Ilka, and his two sons look forward to eventful spring days on their “home turf”. UNREACHABLE DEER AND A HAPPY ENDING When spring arrives, the hunting community eagerly awaits the advent of the buck hunt. No […]

  • 15. April 2021

    Light in the darkness

    Light is the natural medium we use to orient ourselves in our environment. It enables humans to see spatially, to estimate distances, and to detect movements. Light is the energy of our most highly-developed sense: vision. It gives us control over the motor function of our muscles and enables delicate […]

  • 19. March 2021

    Pictures say more than a thousand words

    More and more hunters are taking a photo or video camera with them on hunts – to record their everyday adventures and fill their social media channels with content. This is beneficial because it puts hunting in the public eye – but there are a few key things to keep in mind.

  • Leica Trinovid
    22. February 2021

    Hunting and Travelling back to the Roots

    … and maybe that’s the reason why I love to roam about with my little microbus camper van (aka “Bulli”), why I love to travel. It’s that feeling of freedom. Getting out of the daily dullness, getting outdoors. My passion for travelling and hunting takes me back to my roots. […]

  • 19. February 2021

    Mounting and zeroing the Leica Calonox „Sight“

    With both thermal imaging cameras Calonox “View” for watching wildlife and Calonox “Sight” as a dual-use night-sight combined with a riflescope, Leica offers high-quality solutions for ethical wild boar control. We would like to show you how easily the Calonox “Sight” is mounted and adjusted to a daylight riflescope sight. […]

  • 8. December 2020

    Leica Burger

    This is a burger patty that probably differs from the way you usually make burgers. Do not know who was first with the technique, Heston Blumethal or modernist cuisine, I will let it be unsaid. I thought a lot about getting a burger made of game meat and then especially […]

  • 12. November 2020

    Danish free roaming red stag by bow

    Two and half an hour of not moving as much as a finger had brought me into a state between sleeping and some kind of primal alertness. The stag entered the small opening below me in a distance of only 25 meters. I went from drowsy to all cells in […]

  • 3. November 2020

    Stalking Ibex in Spain – Part 1

    In Spain, we have got 3 different ways of game hunting. Firstly, driven hunts which can be either large hunts with 30 or 40 hunters, the so-called „monterías“ or smaller hunts with less than 15 hunters, the so-called „batidas“. Secondly, there is trail hunting where you track and follow the […]

  • 6. October 2020

    Leica Calonox – See more, identify game safely.

    As a hunter, you know every shot is an ethical responsibility – you want to identify game correctly and fire a perfect shot. As a hunter, you know that ethical hunting also demands the right equipment for every situation. Now, with the new Calonox series of thermal cameras, Leica is […]

  • 28. September 2020

    The Leica Fortis 6 2-12 x 50i at Antonio Zoli Evolution luxury

    In search of a new, second bolt action, I had decided on the bolt action rifle Evolution Luxus caliber 7×64 by Antonio Zoli. It should complement my good old Custom Mauser 98 in 9.3×62, which has accompanied me faithfully for many years everywhere I have hunted, and be used as […]

  • 17. September 2020

    Goat Hunt in the British Columbian Rockies

    Photos and copy by Simon K. Barr Mountain goats were one of the first mountain-dwelling ungulates to capture my imagination and encourage me to hunt outside of Europe and when I finally got around to planning a goat hunt, my friends at Hornady suggested Ryan Danstrom, of Quarrie Creek Outfitters […]

  • 12. September 2020

    Hunting on Mauritius: On a Java deer

    A blazing sunset on the Indian Ocean as a conclusion to a stalking trip. Happiness on earth exists – destination Mauritius. Notes from a dream island by Philippe Jaeger. Mauritius is one of those destinations where the globe-trotting hunter can hear everything and its opposite, social networks and their deluge […]

  • 1. September 2020

    Hunting in Ethiopia – With Leica to the stalk in “the cradle of mankind”

    Ethiopia is located in the northeast of Africa and is the ost populous landlocked country in the world with over 80 ethnic groups. It is about three times the size of Germany, is considered to be one of the countries of origin of modern man and the country of origin […]

  • 17. August 2020

    “I love the mystical atmosphere of forest hunting”

    In conversation with Johannes Maidhof about the reasons why hunting maintains a healthy game population and species diversity and is therefore an important part of nature conservation. How did you get into hunting? Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in nature and its habitants, but without any […]

  • 12. August 2020

    Why are high-quality optics important for you when hunting?

    “Quality optics are very important – it helps me to take the right decisions when it comes to pull the trigger or not”, says Claus Hvidbjerg Andersen in our interview for the Leica Hunting Blog. How did you get into hunting? I started hunting together with my old farther in […]

  • 4. August 2020

    “Hunting is friendship, it’s challenges, it’s conservation, it’s traditions”

    In conversation with Andrea Cavaglià about his favorite hunting ground (Yes, they are in Italy!) and a very good reason why he needs to rely on his high-quality optics. How did you get into hunting? My father took me in to hunting, I learnt from him everything I know about […]

  • 29. July 2020

    “Respect for our nature and the understanding for it”

    In conversation with Freddy Lietz about his attitude towards hunting and the advice he gives to young people who are interested in hunting.   How did you get into hunting? I grew up with hunting as a family, had my first contact with hunting at the age of five and […]

  • 15. July 2020

    “The rifle shoots and the optics hit”

    In conversation with Julia Kerner about hunting as a responsibility towards nature, her favorite hunting grounds and why the Leica Amplus 6 is her optics of choice. How did you get into hunting? I got into hunting through my family, I grew up hunting. My father is a hunter, my […]

  • 7. July 2020

    Swedish Giants

    It is the biggest European mammal, yet it has been hunted since time immemorial. The quest for moose requires more than just passion. To approach and vanquish a giant of the Swedish taiga, one must invest body and soul, going beyond one’s own limits. Arriving at Medstugan Lodge in the […]

  • 15. June 2020

    Floating in a sea of green – Roebuck stalking summer 2020

    Every year I have a tendency to forget the returning wonders that happens in nature where the roebucks live. And I stalk. Trillions of different variations of the theme green and the overload of life is breathtaking. And yet I let my binos find their focus on everything else than […]

  • 2. June 2020

    Fallow deer in Spain – A tough test for the equipment

    Fallow deer are not as common as red deer in Spain, however, they can be found in rich populations in certain areas in Spain.  I had decided to go after a representative one in the Madrid northern mountain range.  This area of central Spain can be quite shocking for new […]

  • 19. February 2020

    “Brothers in Hunt” – A Spaniard hunting in Germany

    I recently had the opportunity to join a traditional German driven hunt on the Leica Hunting state, where all traditions and regulations were strictly and proudly followed. I noticed several differences from the very start of the day; however, the spirit and the feelings were fully alike. A silent gathering […]

  • 21. January 2020

    Precision all along the line – Leica Sport Optics presents three new products

    As the new decade begins, Leica Sport Optics presents not one but three new products: the Leica Geovid 3200.COM, the Leica PRS 5-30x56i and the Leica Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM. The company from Wetzlar, Germany, remains true to its principles of continuous development, optimization and innovation. Because, for demanding hunters and shooters, only the best is good enough. […]

  • 10. January 2020

    “Being part of nature is the biggest part of hunting!”

    Danene van der Westhuyzen, President of the Namibia Professional Hunters Association (NAPHA) and CEO of the Operators and Professional Hunting Associations of Africa, does a prolific work in some honorary functions. Leica Sport Optics has talked with Danene as an outstanding personality in the hunting world about the special tasks […]

  • 5. December 2019

    Establish your own creativity individually as a style.

    With the evolution of digital photography and the many processing possibilities available today, new fields of creativity are constantly opening up. At the same time, however, this diversity bears the danger of falling victim to a ‘creative pressure to perform’. It is too easy to submit to a norm established […]

  • 4. December 2019

    Monteria in the cold season

    November is my favourite hunting month. The sleeves draw a magical landscape: intense yellows, squeaky oranges, ocher, dark greens and white sparks from the morning dew. As the nights are quite cold, the game tends to look for refugee at the milder bottom of the valleys. It’s the autumn’s apogee, […]

  • 17. September 2019

    “Fool’s Gold”- the Quest for a Norfolk Roe Buck

    It’s funny how certain dates stick in the memory banks, like birthday’s, phone numbers, etc. I’ve always been terrible at remembering all of the above as my long-suffering partner, Lauren will attest to, however, one date; April 1st is one everyone knows. For most people it’s April Fools Day, a […]

  • 3. September 2019

    A dog story

    I never lose the tension the night before each and every Monteria. Monterias start several days before the hunting day. Getting to know the area, looking for signs of previous hunts in the area, even looking at satellite pictures of the area to learn about the vegetation, trying to understand […]

  • 3. September 2019

    Vidsträckt smygjakt

    Den passionerade jägaren och Leica Pro hunter Oliver Dorn reste till västra Jämtland i ett höstligt Sverige, utrustad med en Leica avståndsmätarkikare Geovid HD-B 42 och ett Leica Magnus 1.8–12 x 50 i kikarsikte, för att låta sig övertygas av de båda produkternas robusthet och effektivitet i den svenska vildmarkens […]

  • 20. August 2019

    Stalking at great distance

    Moose hunting enthusiast and Leica Pro hunter Oliver Dorn traveled to autumnal Sweden, to West Jämtland, equipped with Leica rangefinding binoculars Geovid HD-B 42 and a Leica Magnus 1.8–12 x 50 i riflescope, to test the ruggedness and performance of these two products in the rough Swedish wilderness. Hunting in […]

  • 6. August 2019

    Photo shoot in Leitz Park

    It is early May and a light drizzle falls at an uncomfortable 8 °C. Buck hunting season started a few days ago but I’ve had no success so far in my own hunting grounds. Today, since the early morning hours, I’ve been “hunting” in a lush forest near Wetzlar, Germany. […]

  • 25. July 2019

    A July evening in the wheat field

    The rhythm of hunting wild boar repeats itself every , down to the smallest detail. The last driven hunts end here in January, when peace reigns in the hunting grounds. With a little luck we can still shoot a second-year male in the forest or at the edge of the […]

  • 15. July 2019

    Muntjac… a Blight or Delight?

    In the UK we are very lucky to have such a diverse choice of deer species; we have six in total which are Fallow, Sika, Red, Roe, Chinese Water Deer and of course the Muntjac, however only two are truly native – the Roe and the Red. The others are […]

  • 4. July 2019

    Ice and flies

    Iceland is a piece of earth which is only 20 million years old and which represents an adventure at each step on the volcanic ground. Regarding fishing, Iceland is not only one of the very best spots in the world, it is simply unique. As unique as the fact to […]

  • 7. June 2019

    Leica at the GAME FAIR Hunting Show

    This year, Leica renews its presence at Gamefair. Created in 1981, this event is the inevitable rendez-vous of hunting in France. On average, 84,000 visitors join the event with more than 560 exhibitors from different nations to introduce their new products with more than 5,000 brands. Located in the center […]

  • 16. April 2019

    Leica competition at the Elmia Exhibition

    Leica competition at the Elmia Exhibition – Win the new Leica Fortis 2-12x50i #4 and the new Härkila Lagan Set The Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre is located in Jönköping, Sweden, and the Elmia Game Fair has been arranged here since 1975. This will be the first year that Leica […]

  • 29. March 2019

    A hunting dog and a family dog?!

    As a hunter, I want a hunting dog, but my family wants a family dog.  How to solve this dilemma?  Don’t we all know the situation where we hunters finally want a hunting partner by our side, someone who does everything for us? Good idea, until you talk to family […]

  • 15. March 2019

    Fjelljakt Grand Slam – the Swedish Challenge

    Traversing the peatland of Sweden’s taiga following a Swedish Moosehound, scaling mountains in search of a congregation of Lagopus, and finally navigating a crystal clear lake in hopes of deceiving a brown trout; this all was on the menu for the Fjelljakt Grand Slam. We had chosen to partake in […]

  • 8. March 2019

    Leica Fortis 6 – the new standard in the 6x zoom class

    Leica riflescopes stand for passionate hunting and perfect technology. Leica has developed target optics that offer the hunter detailed visual experiences – and enable a safe, ethically- placed shot. Leica always puts the needs of hunters first. Innovations never serve their own purpose but are always the result of many […]

  • 12. February 2019

    A stag on a plateau

    Somewhere between Perpignan, the Mediterranean and Andorra, the Pyrenees roll out into an altitudinal plateau where top notch athletes go to polish their physical condition. They’re not the only ones to haunt this magical area. At the end of September, the Pyrenean Piedmont plateau is still affected by the summer’s drought, […]

  • 5. February 2019

    My Monteria

    This October has been particularly cold, windy and wet compared to the previous five years. Although the general hunting season starts in early October, high temperatures are not optimal for the Spanish driven hunt, the Monteria. This year I decided to wait till November for the start of my hunting season. Monterias […]

  • 24. January 2019

    Leica’s first ever Bluetooth compact rangefinder: Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM

    Make sure your shot is on target by connecting Leica’s latest rangefinder with integrated ballistic solution to your smartphone and Kestrel Elite weather meter. The revolutionary new Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM is the first dedicated compact laser rangefinder capable of precise distance measurements up to 2,600 meters/2,800 yards and benefits […]

  • 13. November 2018

    Mr. Davey Hughes – A True Character

    My name is Davey Hughes. I am the founder of Swazi. I started the company about 25 years ago. For me it’s been a real journey. I think as in life and in business, the first thing you should do is stay true to what you started the business for […]

  • 24. October 2018

    An appointment with my intimate adversary

    Spanish crops and mountain ranges are becoming somehow overpopulated by wild boar.  Over the past few years, and most likely due to favorable conditions, this animal population has increased probably by a triple factor. This overpopulation has resulted in an increase in off-season hunting actions such as night stalk. I am […]

  • 18. October 2018

    The story of raising a litter of 9 Labrador puppies

    My name is Kim Muskat. I’m the breeder of Iceroot’s Labrador Retrievers. My aim is to breed gundogs who are brilliant hunters with strong nerves for shooting days and picking ups. First of all, it takes me a lot of time to find a good stud dog that suits my […]

  • 31. August 2018

    In the studio of Markus Lüpertz

    A great artist and his passion – hunting. Markus Lüpertz is a painter, sculptor, musician, and poet – in short: an artistic genius. His works are much sought-after by collectors worldwide, and his exhibitions are visited by countless art enthusiasts. Aside from his artistic work, he dedicates his time to […]

  • 28. August 2018

    The beach underneath the wig

    Hearing the names Biscarosse, Mimizan, immediately prompts the mind to wander. When I think of these places, I hear the shrill droning of cicada blending with the smell of pines, sea spray, and the feeling of hot sand between my toes. Sure, this is what I imagine when thinking of […]

  • 15. May 2018

    Reinhard Rüger: How The Leica Geovid Keeps Him On Track

    Reinhard Rüger is the trainer of the German National Sports Shooting Team and has taken part in the Olympic Games at many international venues. The head coach and passionate hunter recognised the value of the Leica Geovid right from the start and has now used this pair of binoculars for […]

  • 3. May 2018

    The 4 Stable Stick Academy – Set the bar to 300!

    In the span of five years, the 4 Stable Stick shooting sticks have conquered the hearts of stalkers all over the world. It was time to take things further, with a shooting academy to up one’s comfortable shooting range to 300 meters. At Domaine de Boismorand, a 650 hectare large […]

  • 17. April 2018

    Mud Island

    England: the land of milk and honey, and mud. Welcome to the English countryside. Ladies and gentlemen stroll the high street in Burberry jackets and Dubarry boots, there were designated bridleways for woodland gallops, shoots feature high-flying pheasants, and everyone owns a working cocker-spaniel. Same place, different year. Once again, […]

  • 21. March 2018

    A Russian Spring

    While springtime hunts in the European Union are facing the legislative mill one after the other, countries still remain where hunters can enjoy the brief pleasures that come with the end of winter. We were headed for the Russian taiga, where cock fights were taking place al fresco rather than […]

  • 7. March 2018

    A very special connection

    After a bad last year I needed new energy to recharge my batteries. I was desperately looking for ways to gather new strength for the year ahead. The only question was how? Whenever I did poorly in a class test, even though I had studied so hard for it, or […]

  • 1. March 2018

    At Home in the Highlands

    The landscape’s burnt orange hues reminded me of either an alpine moose meadow in late September/early October or the rusty appearance of Kodiak Island on a fall bear hunt. The bare, rolling landscape resembled both the Arctic tundra and the badlands of southern Alberta. Yet, no caribou nor mule deer […]

  • 21. February 2018

    A muskrat hunt

    For decades the small game hunts were a perfect cure for the spring solstice. Some kind of ease accompanying them helped to absorb all the wealth of pictures, sounds and scents the nature, now waking up after the winter slumber, wanted to share. But with time and more law restrictions […]

  • 13. February 2018

    Niall Rowantree and the 2017 stag season

    What weighs just under 28 stone (approx. 178 kg) and spent the summer getting soaked on a Scottish hillside? The answer is the heaviest stag taken this season on the main forest beat of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, the jewel in the crown of the West Highland Hunting portfolio, where 2017 […]

  • 6. February 2018

    Seaside Holiday – Hunter Style

    Creeping through the marsh which reeked of brackish stasis, we closed the distance between ourselves and the two boar. These boar, along with red, fallow, and roe deer, were what we were after on this hunting trip along the northern German coastline. Standing a mere 20 metres from the preoccupied […]

  • 22. January 2018

    The Cross-Border Izard

    Between Spain and France, the Pyrenees Mountain Range acts as both a natural and legal border. Depending whether you stand on the south-facing side or the north-facing slopes of these vertiginous summits, the status of the fauna is different. Not only izard live here. It was no sooner than eight […]

  • 10. January 2018

    A dream come true

    I have been always wondering what the main reason of hunters’ satisfaction was and always got the answer: something bigger than the trophy size or the weight of the meat. These things are important, no doubt, but there has to be something immaterial to make a hunt really great. An […]

  • 8. December 2017

    Meeting on the Summit

    For its second meeting in 2017, the Leica Hunting Experience recruited no less than 45 young hunters. The majority came from France, but Germany, and for the first time Denmark and Spain were also represented! It was a milestone event that distinguished itself not only through the diversity of nationalities […]

  • 22. November 2017

    Six Years Later

    Six years ago to the day I sat on the same ledge, with the same intentions: to find a bighorn ram. This time, I had a different hunting partner along: my boyfriend Philipp. My Dad, Peter, with whom I’ve shared the pleasure of mountain hunting for the past ten years […]

  • 13. November 2017

    Little Camper on the Prairie

    Like white bubbles floating on a choppy, oversized bathtub, thousands of snow geese were becoming restless. Soon it would be time for them to take to the fields. We stationed Mom and my boyfriend Philipp adjacent to the lake, to supervise their travel patterns. My Dad, uncle and I followed, with […]

  • 20. October 2017

    Way up north

    Just inside the Arctic Circle, with the silver birch trees turning gold, Leica Sport Optics Hunting UK ambassador Chris Rogers, found himself sitting by a small fire, scanning a Swedish forest with his Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-B binoculars. He was looking for moose and capercaillie, and thinking about how hunting […]

  • 17. October 2017

    The Island of Tenors

    In October on the Croatian island of Cres, tourists make way for fallow deer and hunters. We followed. A twenty minute ferry ride sufficed to link the Istrie peninsula in north-west Croatia to Cres Island (pronounced tresse with a rolling ‘r’). Once on the island, you’re in a completely different […]

  • 9. October 2017

    Peas in a Pod

    Like two peas but lying in their individual pods, we snuggled into our blinds. Dad was in a layout blind, I sat on a reclining legless camping chair and cloaked myself with the remnants of the pea field stubble. Geese were coming. The evening before, while driving home after visiting […]

  • 27. September 2017

    In the shadow of the Cathar pines

    Located at the borders of the Aude and the Eastern Pyrenees, a state-owned forest known as the Fanges, is a center of French history. For nearly three decades, the Aude Hunters Federation has written its own kind of history, of the natural sort. The sun had just gently disappeared behind […]

  • 25. September 2017

    Fire and Ivory

    “I think I see tines!” After retracing a few steps, I followed my instincts and double checked the spot in question. Though my peripheral vision had caught it initially, my Geovid HD-B’s helped confirm the unusual looking white branches. Indeed, twenty yards away two classic ivory tines protruded a few […]

  • 18. September 2017

    White Horsehairs and Black Bristles

    The Rhône River delta, is one of France’s most important stops for migratory birds of the eastern Palearctic. It’s not only important to the avian kind though. Between the river’s arms, which mingle with vast reed surfaces, wild boar have found an ideal refuge. Welcome to Camargue, for a hunt […]

  • 7. September 2017

    Roe Rut in the Hungarian Heat

    The elderly couple sitting across from me unpacked a loaf of wholegrain bread, salami, paprika and a salt shaker out of their plastic lunch tote. Meanwhile, I used my train ticket from Vienna to Budapest Keleti as a makeshift fan; the air conditioning was broken and a record temperature of […]

  • 31. August 2017

    The Adventure Continues!

    This moment became etched in the pink sandstone of the Vosges. The end of July rang in the excellent start of a new season for the novice hunters, invited to trouble the bucks and boars in the fresh, summery pine forests. The first stage of this season’s Leica Hunting Experience […]

  • 8. August 2017

    My decision is: Let’s risk it!

    Ernst Leitz went down in the industrial history of Germany as a visionary entrepreneur and courageous opponent of the Nazis. But the pioneer of the legendary Leica camera was also a passionate hunter and tested the optical devices in his own hunting grounds. The year when the Hessian entrepreneur Ernst […]

  • 19. July 2017

    The perfect present

    I saw this picture somewhere on the Internet once – dad and son holding hands and walking into the wild with a comment below: best memories are not made in front of the TV. That couldn’t be truer for me. When I collect all my happiest remembrances with my Old […]

  • 26. June 2017

    The Longest Day of the Year

    Though I’m very familiar with the weight of a backpack while sheep hunting, balancing 20 kg while in a dress and heels was an entirely new challenge. Latvia is known for very beautiful women, many of which were at today’s graduation ceremony, clad in eloquent gowns, obtaining their degrees in […]