This is a burger patty that probably differs from the way you usually make burgers.

Do not know who was first with the technique, Heston Blumethal or modernist cuisine, I will let it be unsaid. I thought a lot about getting a burger made of game meat and then especially wild boar. I came up with, in my opinion, a great burger. What I want to show you here is the technique of grinding the meat and what meat I have used. I have also added what I myself think a burger should have for condiments but it is obviously up to you to decide how you want your burger to be.

Leica Burger

  • 1250g wild boar meat (neck, shoulder, hock) no tendons or silver skin, pure meat
  • 750g beef chuck (same here pure meat)
  • 10g salt

First step. Start with the beef chuck and dice it to 2x2cm big pieces, then toss the salt and meat together and let it rest in the fridge for 2¬-3hours, meanwhile put the grinder house in the freezer and chill the wild boar meat and the beef to 0-1Co before you start to grind.

Take out the grinder house. It’s important to have that really chilled

Have a cold plastic or a glass bowl to put the mince in

Mince the wild boar thru the 8mm dice once

Blend the meats together and don’t let it get to warm before you start to grind again.

Line a cutting board up with plastic film and start to grind the meat and take your time, this is the most important moment in the recipe. See to that all the fibres are going in the same direction.

Roll the plastic film and look for air pockets inside and puncture them if needed. I like to roll some extra turns with the plastic so it’s easy to cut out the burger meat later on. Then let it rest in the fridge for 4-5 hours before cutting the meat in to discs and take remove the plastic. Press with the inside of your hand so the burger is 2-3cm thick.
Cook after how you like it I personally will cook the burger to an inner temperature of 57-59 Co. All my wild boar meat is always tested before I cook it for both Trichinella and salmonella.

This is my personal choice for a perfect wild boar burger. I put iberico lardo, my own curd wild boar pancetta, slice of comté and wästerbotten cheese, my own mushroom ketchup, pickles, iceberg lettuce, white onions, my own tomato ketchup and cold smoke mayonnaise and muster from US on the burger.
But you can have what personally prefer on your burger but if you follow these steps you will have the perfect wild boar patty.

Leica burger ready to eat



Magnus Wikström

My name is Magnus Wikström and I am both a chef and a hunter and grew up in Northern part of Sweden. The passion for food and my interest in hunting started at a young age, and made me take the decision to search for knowledge about food early outside Sweden’s borders. For about 10 years I had the privilege of working at some of the world’s most reputable restaurants and for the most prominent chefs all over the world. At the moment I run a company that focus on my passion for food and especially the game meat. I also give lectures on game meat handling and hunting to spread my knowledge I picked up during my years working abroad. My favorite hunt is currently wild boar hunting and all the processing you can do with the meat, including charcuterie products. You can follow my Instagram account @mw_huntandcook to see more about my passion for game meat and hunting.

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