“With hunting I associate a deepest connection to nature, game and the elements”, says Boray Krätz, who tested the Leica Amplus 6 riflescope, and explains, why hunting is active and dynamic nature conservation.

How did you get into hunting?

Since my grandparents had already established a bond between me, the forest and the rest of nature at an early age, there was almost no way for me to get past the hunting license. I always wanted to work for the protection, preservation and development of the regional nature, to be a part of this cycle and how do you live with nature and wildlife conservation better than by hunting?

What do you associate with hunting, what do you particularly appreciate about it?

With hunting I associate a deepest connection to nature, game and the elements. Hunting shows you what you are really made of and lets you participate in a cycle that very few people in this world experience as the hunter does. Another important factor for me is the possibility to produce high quality game meat, a food in a quality that is second to none, above all sustainable and without animal suffering.

Where do you prefer to hunt?

In summer I like to hunt on the heights of the Hunsrück, especially in the deer hunting season this is always an experience in itself. In autumn and winter there is no more beautiful terrain for me than the slopes of the Moselle, to hunt there with hunting friends and dogs for wild boar is pure hunting, an experience that will always remain special for me. The closeness to the game, the work with the dogs, this extraordinary terrain which can demand the last bit of strength from you, make real hunting friendship and common prey.

Is there a hunting experience that has particularly impressed you in the past?

Definitely there is a very impressive experience. Almost two years ago I was able to hunt my strongest boar in barley. Actually I had overslept that morning and just chose the barley spot so that I wouldn’t disturb my fellow hunters who were already on the high seat. At 5:17 o’clock, after only 30 minutes, the really capital wild boar moved into the barley. It was a very mature boar, at least 7-8 years old. So far I have not encountered a stronger boar in our territory. An unforgettable experience.

What would you give as advice to young people who are interested in hunting?

Very clear: Always see nature as a whole, be aware of the responsibility to intervene in a cycle and never lose your humility before creation. Deal intensively with the hunt, with yourself, check carefully if you can be a hunter with heart and soul. Hunting is not a “hobby” and nothing you “do”, it is a life attitude.

How do you think modern hunting and nature conservation fit together?

The question is rather, how can this not be connected? Hunting is active and dynamic nature conservation. We as hunters are closer to the action than almost any other person. In a man-made cultural landscape it is necessary to keep the sometimes very fragile structures between animal- and plant life in balance.

Last but not least: Why are high-quality optics important for you when hunting?

From the first day of my hunter’s life, it was always my ambition to place the shot in such a way that no animal has to experience even one second of unnecessary suffering. This claim can only be met with the necessary skills and the appropriate equipment. To be able to focus the target clearly, to place the shot cleanly and accurately, depends very much on how well the optics are mounted on the gun. In order not to risk any deviations due to poor workmanship or inaccurate manufacturing, I rely exclusively on the highest quality optics.

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