In conversation with Andrea Cavaglià about his favorite hunting ground (Yes, they are in Italy!) and a very good reason why he needs to rely on his high-quality optics.

How did you get into hunting?

My father took me in to hunting, I learnt from him everything I know about hunting. Me and my brother followed him since we were three/four years old.

What do you associate with hunting, what do you particularly appreciate about it?

Hunting is friendship, it’s challenges, it’s conservation, it’s knowledges, it’s traditions, it’s tough, it’s all of it and much more. I can’t appreciate one single aspect about it, it’s my work and my passion, it’s simply my life.

Where do you prefer to hunt?

I’ve travelled the world filming and hunting, and I feel super lucky for it. There are hundreds of places to see once in the life but probably my favorite one to hunt remains the mountain of Italy, that’s where I feel home.

Is there a hunting experience that has particularly impressed you in the past?

The most rewarding adventures of my life are always come after hard work. Chasing Ibex and Maral riding horses for 5 days in Siberia or filming/hunting Bezoar in Turkey for 8 days in a tent are probably the first two that come to my mind.

What would you give as advice to young people who are interested in hunting?

Just try, spend most of the free time you have outdoor learning everything you can about the animal you want to chase. Take your friend with you, even if they are not hunter, show them your value and they’ll understand. We’re a community and as soon as you’ll step in you’ll become part of a family.

How do you think modern hunting and nature conservation fit together?

It’s probably too easy say that hunting is conservation, but I truly believe it. In my experience: Only where hunting is seen as an opportunity the animals are in good number and shape. Managing a population is the best way to protect it.

Last but not least: Why is a high-quality optics important for you when hunting?

When the deer you’ve been following for years appears in the 300 meters range and it’s getting dark, you’ll see and understand that the quality of the optics you’re using is very important. Small details, for me, always make the world different.

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