“Quality optics are very important – it helps me to take the right decisions when it comes to pull the trigger or not”, says Claus Hvidbjerg Andersen in our interview for the Leica Hunting Blog.

How did you get into hunting?

I started hunting together with my old farther in law. I shot my very first roe deer with his guidance. Ever since I have been hooked! He taught me the value of venison and showed me how to cook it.

What do you associate with hunting, what do you particularly appreciate about it?

For me hunting is about friendships, memories created and grocery shopping from nature’s own fridge. It gives me the biggest joy of all times bringing the best food home with me knowing that the animal had a fast clean death and lived a life free of choice. It walked exactly where it wanted and ate what it ever wanted.

Where do you prefer to hunt?

I like all different types of hunting and therefor I don’t have one favorite place. If I have to choose, it must be chasing roebuck in the thick Danish forest. If I ever had to choose between my shotgun and rifle, I would go with my rifle any time.

Is there a hunting experience that has particularly impressed you in the past?

Yes, having seen pictures and videos from New Zealand have made me want to go there to hunt the beautiful Himalayan Thar. I’m totally amazed by the beautiful scenery and the steep hike up to the mountains and being able to camp in small huts during the entire hunt. I dream of going out for 2 weeks just hunting and living with my bagpack.

What would you give as advice to young people who are interested in hunting?

Do it for the right reasons. Do it because you truly love nature and wants the very best for it. If ever in doubt about pulling the trigger, then don’t. Just enjoy the view then.

How do you think modern hunting and nature conservation fit together?

For me the hunt is actually the smallest part about the entire process. If we as hunters want to harvest from nature, we must be giving something back. Making game trails, feed them if winters are tough and only take what we need. I would shoot a weak animal before a strong one anytime and by that make sure that the genetics stays strong.

Last but not least: Why are high-quality optics important for you when hunting?

Quality optics are very important – it helps me see the animals better and helps me take the right decisions when it comes to pull the trigger or not. I use my optics as a tool and it’s important for me that I can count on my tools when it all comes down to pulling the trigger or not. If you ask me optics is way more important than an expensive rifle.

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