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Ardennes: The Cross-Border Boars

Mythical, nay mystical, the Ardennes forest attracts visitors as much as it impresses them. In the depths of these woods, crouches the black beast which gives this place its reputation. Approaching the Ardennes from the south, before delving into this eponymous forested massif, the region offers a most beautiful wooded […]

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Memorable moments in fresh snow

Finally, just before Christmas, the weather turned cold. Heavy grayish-yellow clouds heralded the first snow, which came down as sleet at home, but covered our hunting grounds with a fluffy white blanket. We were delighted: The season’s first snow is always very special. At first, the game reacts very cautiously […]

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A Dwarf in the Land of Giants

In the far north of Spain rise the Cantabrian Mountains, home to one of the most pristine ecosystems in Europe. In the heart of this untamed range lives the smallest subspecies of chamois: the Cantabrian chamois. It’s already the end of November and chamois hunting season in Spain ends in […]

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