With both thermal imaging cameras Calonox “View” for watching wildlife and Calonox “Sight” as a dual-use night-sight combined with a riflescope, Leica offers high-quality solutions for ethical wild boar control. We would like to show you how easily the Calonox “Sight” is mounted and adjusted to a daylight riflescope sight.

The dual-use thermal camera Calonox „Sight” can either be attached to any traditional riflescope using an adapter or as a spotter by attachment of a threaded eyecup.

Both adapter and eyepiece are attached easily. Where the eyecup is screwed onto the eyepiece, mounting the Calonox “Sight” onto a riflescope requires attachment of the enclosed counter-ring onto the adapter matching your scope’s objective lens. Once both parts are mounted, the adapter is fixed by tightening the counter-ring. Needless to say, you cannot use eyecup and adapter at the same time.

While Leica’s thermal imaging cameras Calonox “View” is ready to use out-of-the-box, the Calonox “Sight” needs zeroing at a shooting range or rather the reticle needs to be adjusted accordingly. First, zero the riflescope without the thermal camera at a point-blank range of 100m (100yds). Now, mount the “Sight” as described above. Watch closely for the thermal camera to be mounted absolutely straight, it must not tilt in any direction.

Once the system is fully mounted, fire a shot at your target (100m/100yds), which needs to have one of the readily available hand warmer packets (4x4cm app.) attached to the centre.

If your shot is not in the bull, your scope’s reticle is not centred to the thermal cameras. So the Calonox‘ display needs adjusting. Click the middle menu button until you reach list menu 2. Select and click “more”. Select and click “Reticle Correction”, now you have entered the adjustment mode. Correct vertical and horizontal plane. To leave „Reticle Correction“, press the menu button.

Please check your adjustments with two or three shots. To check Leica Calonox “Sight” for accuracy and repeatability, dismount and remount the unit between shots. Like a significant number of hunters before you, you will be satisfied that in purchasing the Calonox ”Sight”, you have gained a valuable tool for ethical hunting.


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  1. Leica Hunting Blog

    No, therefor we offer the Calonox Sight.

  2. Leica Hunting Blog

    Dear Pascal, our Products come with an instruction manual. Is yours missing? All videos or tutorials are meant as additional supports. The manual also explains the menue of the Sight.

  3. Leica Hunting Blog

    Dear Dr. Majdalani. Properly attached to a riflescope, yes.

  4. Leica Hunting Blog

    Dear Kim, please contact your local Leica dealer or the Leica Service, which you find our web page.

  5. kim hansen

    Need help to get my calonox sight to work with ampuse 6 3to 18. what are the best setting im having hard time to see target at 100 yards in the day to sight in . Or is it a bad unit kim hansen

  6. Dr. Marwan Majdalani

    Hello. My question is can I used it for high velocity . Example slug 12ga. Thank you

  7. Pascal

    Good morning, Many thanks for the explanatory video. I don't understand how to sell those devise without notice. Also, could you please explain how to choice the good calibration mode. End then how use the pixel defect correction. Regard Pascal MDN

  8. scott

    Can the calanox view be attached to a rifle scope?

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