I am someone who doesn’t want to compromise, so I need reliable, all-round, compatible gear. Especially in my hunting equipment, I value dependability, intuitive operation, and rugged, high-quality workmanship. I don’t want to cut any corners. So, when choosing my hunting optics, their seamless use during day, twilight, and night was extremely important to me, especially when it comes to hunting and thus killing a wild animal.

During the day, no matter the type of hunt, I always want to keep an overview and master the situation. Determining range in the hunting grounds, which is very easy with the Geovid, is half the battle. Day or night, I am aware of exact distances, so I can focus on the essentials. In addition to accurate rangefinding, a large field of view is particularly important to me when hunting. With my Leica riflescope, I meet this requirement and achieve high image and detail sharpness well into dusk.

For a successful hunt in the dark, or in adverse weather conditions, I rely on the Calonox header and hand-held thermal camera. The use of thermal imaging technology when hunting our nocturnal wild boar has certainly become standard for many – including me. The high contrast and high detail recognition offered by both Calonox Sight and View prevent mistakes and thus make a decisive contribution to our high standards of ethical hunting. Relying on established thermal imaging is not a question of merely increasing the “tech” side of hunting, but a question of responsibility and safety. A level of safety that comes into play when safely identifying leading sows and selectively shooting individual animals. We owe all of this to our game and should therefore strive to minimize, or completely avoid, hunting risks. Night stalking becomes a safe and very special experience, thanks to the intuitive operation of the Calonox models and their smooth interaction with my usual hunting setup. The same conditions, the same gear I am used to. Without compromise, but with a maximum of safety, independent of natural light – for an ethical shot at night.

I would like to conclude with a hunting caveat, which we must always keep in mind: For us hunters, taking a life also means taking responsibility.

Much success!
Jannik Hennefarth

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