Every year I have a tendency to forget the returning wonders that happens in nature where the roebucks live. And I stalk. Trillions of different variations of the theme green and the overload of life is breathtaking. And yet I let my binos find their focus on everything else than green. My eyes keep searching for reddish brown.

In my opinion the grace of the deer-species the roe deer, this time of year the roebuck

This year has been no different than many others. The weather was tricky in the beginning (16th of May) cold, wet and strong winds made the deer stay put in their green hideouts. But the last couple of weeks has been different, and I have had several close buck encounters. But no really nice shooters has shown up yet.

I hunt with bow AND rifle, depending on mood, terrain and other matters, like if im having my 11 year old son with me.

In that case I bring my rifle since the main purpose of the hunt is on lighting a fire in a young hunters heart and passing on the torch. The chances are better and bigger with a rifle. All about having some meaningful father and son time outdoors far away from digital disturbance and everyday life – in this case trophy sizes does not matter to me. The trophy is the excitement and thrill of a child that experience the nature of a hunt for the first time.

And we had luck. And we had a great experience. A warm and sunny evening not many days ago we managed to harvest a beautiful 4 pointer. We saw him, stalked him and even had time to sit and wait for him to get close enough for a good shot, while whispering words on when and where. My son had decided that this one was the right one from the first time he put the Geovid on it.

When the echo of the shot had died down, I did let my son look at the buck through my Leica Fortis 6 riflescope. The little red dot scanned the beauty a while before we walked towards him.

It tumbled where it stood, and we took our time look touch, and honor the dead roebuck. When the talk ended up in how we would process and enjoy the fresh healthy meat we went home.

My name is Jonas Norregaard. Im am a 47 year old hunter living on the countryside in Denmark. Apart from hunting I do graphic design and photography. Hunting and hunting related stuff take’s me around the world with my bow, rifle and camera. Arctic regions like Greenland and Nunavut, Africa, the US and all over Europe. Coming up New Zealand. Some of the places I travel is remote and the trips are hazardous it puts a stress on men and gear I would not be able to do the things I do in the places I go without the help of beyond good optics like my Fortis scope and my Geovid. I have been through a lot but finally settled with the best.

Keep exploring the seas of green!


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