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Hunter´s luck in the Highlands

Two long years lie behind us, my husband Oliver and me – years of impatience and yearning to finally be able to hunt in Scotland again. Now we are in the high north of Scotland, one and a half hours beyond Inverness. It’s a long journey from Germany for just […]

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Die Sonne steht schon sehr tief – die Sau wird versorgt und geborgen.

The Adriatic wild boars of Croatia

Three years ago, during a winter driven hunt in Kutina, Croatia, I met Marijan Balaško, the chairman of the local hunting club. The following autumn, we met there again on the occasion of another driven hunt. As always and everywhere in Croatia, guests are warmly welcomed and, if language is […]

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Ein Meer aus Brennnesseln bietet Deckung.

Old and new acquaintances

Early summer flew by and, towards the end of July, a few blisteringly hot, very humid days followed. A promising start to the approaching rutting season, and I was looking forward to it. For me, rut hunting is always a very special highlight of the hunting year. If I am […]

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Die Pirsch führt uns stetig an der Baumgrenze entlang.

In the land of red cliffs

If I had to name one type of hunt that especially appeals to me, it would be hunting chamois in the mountains. Rarely are one’s hunting skills and physical abilities challenged as much as by hunting this fascinating game species. It is not only a matter of personal fitness and […]

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¡Viva la montería!

In Spain, it’s as important as driven hunts are in France – it’s an institution. Let’s set out to discover the montería, a form of hunting that also earns a lot of criticism… not least due to ignorance. On the Iberian Peninsula, the hunting season for large game ends on […]

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