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  • 10. January 2020

    “Being part of nature is the biggest part of hunting!”

    Danene van der Westhuyzen, President of the Namibia Professional Hunters Association (NAPHA) and CEO of the Operators and Professional Hunting Associations of Africa, does a prolific work in some honorary functions. Leica Sport Optics has talked with Danene as an outstanding personality in the hunting world about the special tasks […]

  • 5. December 2019

    Establish your own creativity individually as a style.

    With the evolution of digital photography and the many processing possibilities available today, new fields of creativity are constantly opening up. At the same time, however, this diversity bears the danger of falling victim to a ‘creative pressure to perform’. It is too easy to submit to a norm established […]

  • 24. September 2019

    Der Schuss – Auf der Jagd mit Billy Bebi

    Der finale Schuss ist der letzte Akt im Ritual eines Jägers. Bis dahin braucht er viel Geduld, Kenntnisse über Tier und Natur sowie die richtige Ausrüstung. Bei Billy Bebi ist der finale Schuss begleitet von Wehmut, Demut und grösster Konzentration. Denn sein Gegenüber ist der Hirsch, ein sehr schlaues und […]

  • 17. September 2019

    “Fool’s Gold”- the Quest for a Norfolk Roe Buck

    It’s funny how certain dates stick in the memory banks, like birthday’s, phone numbers, etc. I’ve always been terrible at remembering all of the above as my long-suffering partner, Lauren will attest to, however, one date; April 1st is one everyone knows. For most people it’s April Fools Day, a […]

  • 3. September 2019

    A dog story

    I never lose the tension the night before each and every Monteria. Monterias start several days before the hunting day. Getting to know the area, looking for signs of previous hunts in the area, even looking at satellite pictures of the area to learn about the vegetation, trying to understand […]


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