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  • 2. May 2022

    Season’s end in Vallée d’Aure

    In one of the last great nature reserves in France, hunting unfurls its whole potential. The Pyrenees and their game are definitely worth a trip. The French hunting season ends on the last day of February. This prompted us to travel to the Bareilles mountain range – a sublime but […]

  • 22. March 2022

    Leica Sport Optics: A brief History of Binoculars

    Leica rangefinding celebrates 30 years – from pioneer to market leader When Optische Werke Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar launched its first binoculars in 1907, no one in the company, which had previously specialized in microscopes, thought that there might one day be special binoculars with electronic inner workings. Ernst Leitz […]

  • 21. February 2022

    The new Leica Geovid Pro 32 – Specialist for mountain hunting and hunting trips

    Do you frequently hunt in the mountains? Do you enjoy hunting trips, or are you more of a stalker? Do you appreciate reliable, precise, and multifunctional hunting optics? Did you answer yes at least once? Then you need to explore the new Leica Geovid Pro 32. Ultimate high-end optics and […]

  • 30. September 2021

    Las Palomas – French stalking in Spain

    Sometimes, life surprises us, and a childhood dream all of a sudden comes true. This is what happened to Pascal – originally from Bordeaux – who became a landowner in Andalusia, in the Sierra Morena, on the edge of Hornachuelos Nature Reserve. After leaving Madrid in heavy snow, we drive […]

  • 17. September 2021

    Leica Hunting Experience 2021/2022

    Launched eight years ago by hunting journalist Philippe Jaeger, the objective of the Leica Hunting Experience is clearly defined: to impart practical skills to “young” hunters over the course of a weekend. Anyone who has held a hunting license for less than three years is eligible to participate. Jaeger explains […]


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