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  • 17. September 2019

    “Fool’s Gold”- the Quest for a Norfolk Roe Buck

    It’s funny how certain dates stick in the memory banks, like birthday’s, phone numbers, etc. I’ve always been terrible at remembering all of the above as my long-suffering partner, Lauren will attest to, however, one date; April 1st is one everyone knows. For most people it’s April Fools Day, a […]

  • 3. September 2019

    A dog story

    I never lose the tension the night before each and every Monteria. Monterias start several days before the hunting day. Getting to know the area, looking for signs of previous hunts in the area, even looking at satellite pictures of the area to learn about the vegetation, trying to understand […]

  • 20. August 2019

    Stalking at great distance

    Moose hunting enthusiast and Leica Pro hunter Oliver Dorn traveled to autumnal Sweden, to West Jämtland, equipped with Leica rangefinding binoculars Geovid HD-B 42 and a Leica Magnus 1.8–12 x 50 i riflescope, to test the ruggedness and performance of these two products in the rough Swedish wilderness. Hunting in […]

  • 6. August 2019

    Photo shoot in Leitz Park

    It is early May and a light drizzle falls at an uncomfortable 8 °C. Buck hunting season started a few days ago but I’ve had no success so far in my own hunting grounds. Today, since the early morning hours, I’ve been “hunting” in a lush forest near Wetzlar, Germany. […]

  • 25. July 2019

    A July evening in the wheat field

    The rhythm of hunting wild boar repeats itself every , down to the smallest detail. The last driven hunts end here in January, when peace reigns in the hunting grounds. With a little luck we can still shoot a second-year male in the forest or at the edge of the […]


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