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  • 6. August 2019

    Photo shoot in Leitz Park

    It is early May and a light drizzle falls at an uncomfortable 8 °C. Buck hunting season started a few days ago but I’ve had no success so far in my own hunting grounds. Today, since the early morning hours, I’ve been “hunting” in a lush forest near Wetzlar, Germany. […]

  • 25. July 2019

    A July evening in the wheat field

    The rhythm of hunting wild boar repeats itself every , down to the smallest detail. The last driven hunts end here in January, when peace reigns in the hunting grounds. With a little luck we can still shoot a second-year male in the forest or at the edge of the […]

  • 15. July 2019

    Muntjac… a Blight or Delight?

    In the UK we are very lucky to have such a diverse choice of deer species; we have six in total which are Fallow, Sika, Red, Roe, Chinese Water Deer and of course the Muntjac, however only two are truly native – the Roe and the Red. The others are […]

  • 4. July 2019

    Ice and flies

    Iceland is a piece of earth which is only 20 million years old and which represents an adventure at each step on the volcanic ground. Regarding fishing, Iceland is not only one of the very best spots in the world, it is simply unique. As unique as the fact to […]

  • 7. June 2019

    Leica at the GAME FAIR Hunting Show

    This year, Leica renews its presence at Gamefair. Created in 1981, this event is the inevitable rendez-vous of hunting in France. On average, 84,000 visitors join the event with more than 560 exhibitors from different nations to introduce their new products with more than 5,000 brands. Located in the center […]


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