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  • 19. February 2020

    “Brothers in Hunt” – A Spaniard hunting in Germany

    I recently had the opportunity to join a traditional German driven hunt on the Leica Hunting state, where all traditions and regulations were strictly and proudly followed. I noticed several differences from the very start of the day; however, the spirit and the feelings were fully alike. A silent gathering […]

  • 21. January 2020

    Precision that goes the distance – Leica Sport Optics presents three new products

    As the new decade begins, Leica Sport Optics presents not one but three new products: the Leica Geovid 3200.COM, the Leica PRS 5-30x56i and the Leica Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM. The company from Wetzlar, Germany, remains true to its principles of continuous development, optimization and innovation. Because, for demanding hunters and shooters, only the best is good enough. […]

  • 4. December 2019

    Monteria in the cold season

    November is my favourite hunting month. The sleeves draw a magical landscape: intense yellows, squeaky oranges, ocher, dark greens and white sparks from the morning dew. As the nights are quite cold, the game tends to look for refugee at the milder bottom of the valleys. It’s the autumn’s apogee, […]

  • 24. September 2019

    Der Schuss – Auf der Jagd mit Billy Bebi

    Der finale Schuss ist der letzte Akt im Ritual eines Jägers. Bis dahin braucht er viel Geduld, Kenntnisse über Tier und Natur sowie die richtige Ausrüstung. Bei Billy Bebi ist der finale Schuss begleitet von Wehmut, Demut und grösster Konzentration. Denn sein Gegenüber ist der Hirsch, ein sehr schlaues und […]

  • 17. September 2019

    “Fool’s Gold”- the Quest for a Norfolk Roe Buck

    It’s funny how certain dates stick in the memory banks, like birthday’s, phone numbers, etc. I’ve always been terrible at remembering all of the above as my long-suffering partner, Lauren will attest to, however, one date; April 1st is one everyone knows. For most people it’s April Fools Day, a […]


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