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  • 19. October 2022

    “The magic of the night and the magic of Leica Calonox”

    When humans first began reaching for the stars, this hidden world seemed infinitely distant. But then, as we took advantage of more and more modern techniques and optics, we not only recognized the big picture, our view of things also changed. The “big picture” is probably a good starting point […]

  • 14. October 2022

    A time of need

    The topic of climate change is more present than ever. No wonder, since the current heat seems relentless. For some years now, there has been talk of “forest conversion”. The goal is to move away from spruce monocultures to a climate-stable mixed forest. Forest fires have been keeping us busy […]

  • 12. October 2022

    Ethical hunting at night

    I am someone who doesn’t want to compromise, so I need reliable, all-round, compatible gear. Especially in my hunting equipment, I value dependability, intuitive operation, and rugged, high-quality workmanship. I don’t want to cut any corners. So, when choosing my hunting optics, their seamless use during day, twilight, and night […]

  • 7. June 2022

    I love hunting in the remotest areas of Spain

    I guess it feels somehow wilder to be far apart from civilization. Today I am going to share with you one the most emotional hunting experiences I have lived through. Let’s set the scene: The action takes place in a small village located in an area which is called “the […]

  • 1. June 2022

    Bulgarian Bucks

    In the heart of the Balkans there are not only wildboars, you can hunt for another gem: Bulgarian bucks. We were ready for a crammed weekend of action and emotion. A last minute cancellation at hand, the decision to go had to be made very quickly. “It’s yes or no, […]


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