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  • 10. June 2021

    Sleepless nights in Alsace

    Hunting wild boar in the middle of the night, from a raised hide? It’s possible in Alsace. This hunting adventure demands close attention and sends a pleasant shiver down your spine when a dream becomes reality. It has been snowing continuously for two days. But the forecast is promising: Tonight […]

  • 12. May 2021

    The first of may

    Oliver Dorn, leaseholder of hunting grounds, keeps the buck hunt traditional. He, his wife Ilka, and his two sons look forward to eventful spring days on their “home turf”. UNREACHABLE DEER AND A HAPPY ENDING When spring arrives, the hunting community eagerly awaits the advent of the buck hunt. No […]

  • 15. April 2021

    Light in the darkness

    Light is the natural medium we use to orient ourselves in our environment. It enables humans to see spatially, to estimate distances, and to detect movements. Light is the energy of our most highly-developed sense: vision. It gives us control over the motor function of our muscles and enables delicate […]

  • 25. March 2021

    Leica Calonox: Jagd bei Nacht

    Die Jagd bei Nacht ist eine besondere Herausforderung: Für einen Abschuss ist freie Sicht auf das Ziel Voraussetzung – und die Dunkelheit erschwert das natürlich. Mit einer Herausforderung geht aber immer ebenso der Reiz einher, sie zu meistern. Mit dem Leica Calonox haben wir ein Produkt entwickelt, das bei der […]

  • 19. March 2021

    Pictures say more than a thousand words

    More and more hunters are taking a photo or video camera with them on hunts – to record their everyday adventures and fill their social media channels with content. This is beneficial because it puts hunting in the public eye – but there are a few key things to keep in mind.


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