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  • 16. April 2019

    Leica competition at the Elmia Exhibition

    Leica competition at the Elmia Exhibition – Win the new Leica Fortis 2-12x50i #4 and the new Härkila Lagan Set The Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre is located in Jönköping, Sweden, and the Elmia Game Fair has been arranged here since 1975. This will be the first year that Leica […]

  • 8. March 2019

    Leica Fortis 6 – the new standard in the 6x zoom class

    Leica riflescopes stand for passionate hunting and perfect technology. Leica has developed target optics that offer the hunter detailed visual experiences – and enable a safe, ethically- placed shot. Leica always puts the needs of hunters first. Innovations never serve their own purpose but are always the result of many […]

  • 29. March 2019

    A hunting dog and a family dog?!

    As a hunter, I want a hunting dog, but my family wants a family dog.  How to solve this dilemma?  Don’t we all know the situation where we hunters finally want a hunting partner by our side, someone who does everything for us? Good idea, until you talk to family […]

  • 15. March 2019

    Fjelljakt Grand Slam – the Swedish Challenge

    Traversing the peatland of Sweden’s taiga following a Swedish Moosehound, scaling mountains in search of a congregation of Lagopus, and finally navigating a crystal clear lake in hopes of deceiving a brown trout; this all was on the menu for the Fjelljakt Grand Slam. We had chosen to partake in […]

  • 12. February 2019

    A stag on a plateau

    Somewhere between Perpignan, the Mediterranean and Andorra, the Pyrenees roll out into an altitudinal plateau where top notch athletes go to polish their physical condition. They’re not the only ones to haunt this magical area. At the end of September, the Pyrenean Piedmont plateau is still affected by the summer’s drought, […]


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