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  • 8. December 2020

    Leica Burger

    This is a burger patty that probably differs from the way you usually make burgers. Do not know who was first with the technique, Heston Blumethal or modernist cuisine, I will let it be unsaid. I thought a lot about getting a burger made of game meat and then especially […]

  • 6. October 2020

    Leica Calonox – See more, identify game safely.

    As a hunter, you know every shot is an ethical responsibility – you want to identify game correctly and fire a perfect shot. As a hunter, you know that ethical hunting also demands the right equipment for every situation. Now, with the new Calonox series of thermal cameras, Leica is […]

  • 12. November 2020

    Danish free roaming red stag by bow

    Two and half an hour of not moving as much as a finger had brought me into a state between sleeping and some kind of primal alertness. The stag entered the small opening below me in a distance of only 25 meters. I went from drowsy to all cells in […]

  • 3. November 2020

    Stalking Ibex in Spain – Part 1

    In Spain, we have got 3 different ways of game hunting. Firstly, driven hunts which can be either large hunts with 30 or 40 hunters, the so-called „monterías“ or smaller hunts with less than 15 hunters, the so-called „batidas“. Secondly, there is trail hunting where you track and follow the […]

  • 17. September 2020

    Goat Hunt in the British Columbian Rockies

    Photos and copy by Simon K. Barr Mountain goats were one of the first mountain-dwelling ungulates to capture my imagination and encourage me to hunt outside of Europe and when I finally got around to planning a goat hunt, my friends at Hornady suggested Ryan Danstrom, of Quarrie Creek Outfitters […]


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