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Viva la Monteria!

It is to Spain what a battue is to France – a tradition. We were off to discover a Monteria, a hunting method that is sometimes condemned, through ignorance. The last weekend in February marks the end of the driven hunting season for big game on the Iberian Peninsula. These […]

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A very special connection

After a bad last year I needed new energy to recharge my batteries. I was desperately looking for ways to gather new strength for the year ahead. The only question was how? Whenever I did poorly in a class test, even though I had studied so hard for it, or […]

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At Home in the Highlands

The landscape’s burnt orange hues reminded me of either an alpine moose meadow in late September/early October or the rusty appearance of Kodiak Island on a fall bear hunt. The bare, rolling landscape resembled both the Arctic tundra and the badlands of southern Alberta. Yet, no caribou nor mule deer […]

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