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  • 15. June 2018

    „Poetry in motion“

    Thursday 3rd May we departed at 5am, myself and two hunting colleagues were heading off to the region better known as the Karoo in the province of the Western Cape, South Africa. It is the beginning of the hunting season in our country and it is still fairly early to […]

  • 15. May 2018

    Reinhard Rüger: How The Leica Geovid Keeps Him On Track

    Reinhard Rüger is the trainer of the German National Sports Shooting Team and has taken part in the Olympic Games at many international venues. The head coach and passionate hunter recognised the value of the Leica Geovid right from the start and has now used this pair of binoculars for […]

  • 14. May 2018

    “We have to manage our wildlife. We are part of nature.”

    Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter, Glaeser Conradie, a member of PHASA, SCI and ACP (Confirme), is a qualified and licensed dangerous game hunter and experienced field guide since January 2001. During the past 15 years, he has guided numerous hunters from all around the world on different hunting concessions in […]

  • 3. May 2018

    The 4 Stable Stick Academy – Set the bar to 300!

    In the span of five years, the 4 Stable Stick shooting sticks have conquered the hearts of stalkers all over the world. It was time to take things further, with a shooting academy to up one’s comfortable shooting range to 300 meters. At Domaine de Boismorand, a 650 hectare large […]

  • 17. April 2018

    Mud Island

    England: the land of milk and honey, and mud. Welcome to the English countryside. Ladies and gentlemen stroll the high street in Burberry jackets and Dubarry boots, there were designated bridleways for woodland gallops, shoots feature high-flying pheasants, and everyone owns a working cocker-spaniel. Same place, different year. Once again, […]


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