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  • 12. February 2019

    A stag on a plateau

    Somewhere between Perpignan, the Mediterranean and Andorra, the Pyrenees roll out into an altitudinal plateau where top notch athletes go to polish their physical condition. They’re not the only ones to haunt this magical area. At the end of September, the Pyrenean Piedmont plateau is still affected by the summer’s drought, […]

  • 24. January 2019

    Leica’s first ever Bluetooth compact rangefinder: Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM

    Make sure your shot is on target by connecting Leica’s latest rangefinder with integrated ballistic solution to your smartphone and Kestrel Elite weather meter. The revolutionary new Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM is the first dedicated compact laser rangefinder capable of precise distance measurements up to 2,600 meters/2,800 yards and benefits […]

  • 5. February 2019

    My Monteria

    This October has been particularly cold, windy and wet compared to the previous five years. Although the general hunting season starts in early October, high temperatures are not optimal for the Spanish driven hunt, the Monteria. This year I decided to wait till November for the start of my hunting season. Monterias […]

  • 12. December 2018

    Mon premier cerf

    Le mois d’octobre venait de débuter et j’ai pris la direction des Hautes Pyrénées française pour un séjour d’approche dans le but de réaliser l’un de mes rêves, un cerf. Pour ceux qui n’ont pas la chance de connaitre ce lieu, je peux vous dire qu’il est l’un des plus […]

  • 13. November 2018

    Mr. Davey Hughes – A True Character

    My name is Davey Hughes. I am the founder of Swazi. I started the company about 25 years ago. For me it’s been a real journey. I think as in life and in business, the first thing you should do is stay true to what you started the business for […]


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