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Ardennes: The Cross-Border Boars

Mythical, nay mystical, the Ardennes forest attracts visitors as much as it impresses them. In the depths of these woods, crouches the black beast which gives this place its reputation. Approaching the Ardennes from the south, before delving into this eponymous forested massif, the region offers a most beautiful wooded […]

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Die Sonne steht schon sehr tief – die Sau wird versorgt und geborgen.

The Adriatic wild boars of Croatia

Three years ago, during a winter driven hunt in Kutina, Croatia, I met Marijan Balaško, the chairman of the local hunting club. The following autumn, we met there again on the occasion of another driven hunt. As always and everywhere in Croatia, guests are warmly welcomed and, if language is […]

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Seaside Holiday – Hunter Style

Creeping through the marsh which reeked of brackish stasis, we closed the distance between ourselves and the two boar. These boar, along with red, fallow, and roe deer, were what we were after on this hunting trip along the northern German coastline. Standing a mere 20 metres from the preoccupied […]

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